Bespoke golf prints

It’s great to work with clients who have a clear vision. In this case, I was contacted by a couple in Canada looking for prints of Scottish courses. Safe in the knowledge I have around 100 Scottish courses in my portfolio, I was confident I could find some examples that would meet their needs.

The couple also specified the prints should be in portrait orientation, were printed in black and white and produced to a specific size. Specifications agreed, I set to work creating some exclusive prints designed around their request and their preferred courses, which in this case was North Berwick and Gullane.

The resulting 20 x 30 prints are quite striking – I’ve included a 15cm ruler in the picture for scale. I’m not sure if it comes across on the phone images, but the size of the prints, their orientation and the stark black and white finish is quite a combination.

If you are interested in creating your own prints or would like something similar to this, please get in touch.