When is the best time to photograph a golf course?

Timing is everything. But is there a perfect time to photograph a golf course? Here are some points to consider.

The timing of a golf course shoot will depend on the type of course you have and its location. Your photographer should help you make that decision and/or provide you with options, such as a one or two-shoot plan, or an ongoing arrangement. The greatest source of wisdom will be your course manager.

Southport & Ainsdale Golf Club

Early season – the advantages of getting your photography done early in the year is that you can use the imagery during the season ahead. Disadvantages include a lack of grass growth (therefore definition), tree coverage, colour etc.

Mid season – the advantages of opting for a mid-season shoot include better weather, longer days and more light. The disadvantages are more traffic on the course and shorter windows of good light.

Late season – the advantages of waiting until the end of the season are better fairway definition, better light and optimal timing for the winter season (when many golfers start planning next year’s trip). Possible disadvantages include poorer weather.

Royal Lytham and St Annes, 15

If you need any help determining the best time to photograph your golf course, please get in touch.


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