Better luck next time

Last week I was in Italy in the remarkably beautiful lakes region near Como. I say beautiful, but in fact it was hard to tell what with the rain clouds barely rising above the bobbing waters of the swollen lake.
The timing of the trip was cruel to say the least. Leaving Edinburgh airport in bright sunshine, my flight to the drenched Italian playground of the rich and famous was blighted by the news that mainland Europe was to receive a pounding from the thunder gods and as much rain as they could shake a stick at (whatever that means).
For a Scot, this wasn’t good news. For a Scot who was also a photographer, this was heart-breaking. And so, sitting on the coach peering through a rain-splattered window, I watched what I could only imagine was the most delightful paradise of elegant mansions and steep-sided valleys pass by in a dull, grey mist.
Maybe next time.