Muirfield – 4th

If you’ve been lucky enough to ply your trade over a number of years, you’ve probably developed a few unwritten rules that will hopefully bring you success. One of mine – when it comes to golf course photography – is to showcase the architecture of the golf hole as much as possible. I am pleased to say, I do this fairly regularly… right up until I don’t. This usually happens when the light is so good, composing the image around the strategy of the hole seems no longer important.

In this case, I was photographing Muirfield; one of my favourite courses. It was going to be a good morning but there was quite a lot of cloud that needed to clear. In this scenario, it can be difficult to predict where the sun might break and light up the course. So being in the right location when this happens partly comes down to experience and partly on good fortune. I was carefully following the movement of the clouds when the sun broke and sent down a splendid shaft of intense light that lasted for about five minutes. During those precious moments, I zipped around in my buggy working purely on instinct. This was one of the images I shot.

  • Date of Shot

    15/08/23, 6:08am

  • Camera Used

    Canon EOS 5D Mark III, EF 16-35mm f/4L IS

  • Technical

    1/6 sec, f/14, 35mm, ISO 100

  • Image Reference Number


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