Flight of fancy

Flight AF1886 wasn’t exciting or luxurious. It wasn’t destined for an exotic country or exciting metropolis. It was pleasant and on time. What made it notable was the service delivered by the crew – personable, polite and thoughtful.

The AirFrance/Cityjet flight from Paris to Edinburgh was noteworthy because the crew followed the very basic principles of good customer service. They considered all their passengers as guests and customers. They were mindful that their clientele were returning from a well-earned break or busy day at work. They engaged with the children and delighted in their tales. They were courteous and respectful to business travellers and helpful when any enquiries were made – no matter how trivial.

Most of all they seemed to take satisfaction in doing their job – serious when the role required it; hospitable at all other times. I know customer service is a perennial bugbear of many frequent flyers, so when I chanced upon an exception to the rule, I thought I would share the good news.