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Few wildlife photographers have made a bigger splash than Andy Rouse. CPN writer Mark Alexander finds out how this Canon Explorer is using the new EOS-1D X Mark II to reach even greater heights…

In the realm of image-making, Andy Rouse is one of those rare individuals to achieve almost celebrity status. His name has become inextricably linked with the world of wildlife photography with demand for his unique views never seeming to wane. The 50-year-old photographer’s images have graced the covers of magazines across the world and he has picked up a clutch of prestigious awards for his efforts. As professional photography goes, Rouse is a success story. And yet, despite his prominence in the wildlife arena, you get a sense that the Englishman has come to a crossroads in his career.

As he packs for his next expedition to India to photograph tigers, he reveals his latest venture into aviation photography is as much to do with changes at home as it is about trying something new.

“I am enjoying the aviation photography because it’s good not to be good at something, start at the bottom and find out you are quite good at it because your skills as a wildlife photographer have transferred completely,” he explains. “More importantly, the aviation photography helps me find a balance between being a dad and being a photographer. I can get my fix of photography and come home.”

As well striking a balance between home life and actively plying his trade, his new sortie into photographing aircraft satisfies a fascination with flight that was hatched during his childhood. “I was always into aviation as a kid,” he says. “Last year, one of my mates took me to an airshow and got me in as press. He knew I loved aircraft and thought I should try something else. I went along, and I just loved it.”

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