Magical things

Sometimes truly magical things happen when you least expect them. And to prove my point, I refer to a conversation I had recently at community play staged by the local amateur dramatics society – you know the thing; lots of questionable costumes, local humour and a collective anticipation that something inevitably will go terribly wrong. To be fair, it didn’t. In fact, it was a roaring success and I very much hope the venture is repeated next year.
Anyway, back to the moment of magic. During the interval, I got chatting to a fellow audience member who explained that every year he drove professional golfers at major Tour events. His magical moment was at the 2000 Open in St Andrews when he picked up three players who just happened to be Tom Watson, Tom Kite and Payne Stewart.
“Imagine turning round and seeing those three in the back of your car,” he said with his eyes wide with excitement. I imagined the situation, and agreed with him that it must have been pretty special.