New pics of Ridgewood Lakes

New pics of Ridgewood Lakes Golf & Country Club now available (see link below). In the meantime, here’s an excerpt from my Golf World article on Undiscovered Florida. Enjoy.

New greens please
Although the course is at the heart of a gated community, the houses are kept a respectful distance from the course, meaning you don’t have to interrupt someone’s barbeque to retrieve your ball should you hit a flyer. Best of all, it’s a genuinely good layout.

“It is more of a precision golf course – very target-orientated, but fair,” says McLoone. “There is a lot of room off the tee; you just need to know where to hit it.” And what distance to hit it – 14 holes have water and many have fairways with unseen inlets that demand accuracy rather than length. The result is a course that requires consideration off the tee and deftness around the greens – not what you would expect from a lakeland course in Florida.

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