Ode to photography

Inside a photographer’s mind

Photography is my business, and I am very grateful for it. It keeps me out of mischief and puts shoes on my kid’s feet. For me, taking photographs has evolved from a childhood obsession into an all-consuming fixation with light, landscapes and weather. More importantly, it satisfies my creative side which always seems to whirr with possibilities.

It sounds improbable, but I never stop thinking about it. Walking the dog or out on the golf course, I am always considering when would be the best time for a shoot or what impact the weather would have.

I’ve come to accept it now, but for a while I found it unsettling, especially if I stumbled across a scene and found myself cameraless. It wasn’t healthy, in a kind of obsessive way. Now, I take photographs for a living, I have my cameras about me when I need them most.

Photography fascinates me. I love researching a shoot, finding a good location and waiting for the right light. Portraits require different skills, but you get the same buzz when you know you’ve got a good one – and that’s what keeps you coming back for more.

I also love it when good photography transforms a relatively mundane subject into something beautiful, desirable or challenging. It freezes a moment and makes you look.

I could go on, but I fear my fixation for pixilation can only hold a reader for so long and I am well over my limit. I’II let my images do the talking…