Photography prints – a quick overview

Recently I have received a number of enquiries about my photography prints so I thought I would note down some key points that might help in the decision-making process (see below). I am sure some of you will have additional questions. If you do, please feel free to get in touch. I am always happy to help.

My standard prints are produced on Fuji DP Professional paper with a lustre finish and typically measuring 18 inches x 12 inches. Standard panoramic images are also available. Each print contains details of where the image was captured – in the case of golf prints this includes hole and club/resort details. For landscape photography, these details include geographical references.

We also produce fine-art prints on a smooth, acid-free Portrait White fine art paper (285 gsm) which give a museum-quality finish.

The prints can be provided tubed or mounted onto an ivory board with a v-groove and back plate. In this form, they are considerably larger than 18×12 and are delivered in a cellophane envelope ready for display or framing.

I also work with a very talented framer which means we can offer three options: tubed, mounted or framed delivered to your door.

Other print sizes are available including panoramic images and large-format prints.

If you need any further details, such as pricing and delivery details, please get in touch.

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