Proud to be Home

I have just posted new images of Forrester Park as part of a photography project I am working on with the Fife Golf Partnership. The idea is to shoot a series of courses around Fife that perhaps don’t get the recognition they deserve.

It has been a fascinating exercise.

Despite growing up in St Andrews and bringing up my two sons with my wife in Fife, I haven’t really had an opportunity to study in any depth the courses outside my front door, so to speak. I remember playing them as a kid and I have often driven past them wondering what they would be like to shoot, but more often than not my work has taken me further a field, until now.

Fife is awash with interesting, quirky and quality layouts that many visiting golfers have never heard of, nevermind seen. Now that I have had my chance to photograph some of them, I hope I have captured something of what makes them special.