Tales from the Tripod

With two full-frame cameras, flashes, four lenses and a specially acquired rain suit, I boarded the flight from Edinburgh to London to join the “Heath & Links” Study Tour. I was tasked with capturing the frivolities of the week including the highs and lows of a keenly contested golf match.

The job was a departure from the 4am alarm calls and weather watching needed for my day job. After all, golf courses need a special kind of light to bring out their subtle nuances. Eighty architects, some jet-lagged, many hungover, needed more than that.

I took over 2,000 images eventually whittling down my tally to 480 shots. The four days took their toll – broken zips, a missing lens cap and the occasional faltering flash were a concern, but the overriding memories were of beautiful courses, keen competition and blossoming friendships. A tour to savour!

To find out more about Mark’s photography, please contact him at info@markalexanderphotography.co.uk