Views of a hole

Here’s my thoughts on how to compose an image of a golf course. I voiced these ideas on a great website –

Great to know what you think.

As a golf course photographer, I like to take both tee-to-green and green-to-tee shots because they offer an entirely different view and, as such, serve a different purpose.
The green-to-tee shot is appealing because you have the flag and the undulations of the green in the foreground. You can also feature the bunkering and the run-off areas. The fairway is secondary but very much part of the image.
Tee-to-green shots (or landing-area-to-green shots) provide a different perspective. I like to take my photographs from the player’s perspective so they can imagine the club selection they would have to make or which bank or ridge to use to get the ball close. As a result, tee-to-green shots provide that realism.
To add another fly to the ointment, I don’t restrict myself to these two variants. I often shoot a hole from a number of different angles, possibly high on a hill using a long lens or to the side of the green showing off the slopes. One angle doesn’t do it all. For me, it’s about providing my clients with choice.