Why print?

The idea of printing photographs may be lost on some, but for me it is the natural conclusion of the creative process. The following excerpt from an article I wrote for Professional Photography magazine gives a great explanation why.

mock up poster frame in interior background. 3D Illustration

“Others rationalise the expansion of print in even grander terms. Paul Gallagher, co-owner of a leading photography workshop company, argues printing does more than just make an impression – it is the natural conclusion of the photographic journey.  “When you’re out with your camera,” he says earnestly, “you collect reflected light. When you look at the image on a monitor, it is transmitted light. It’s only when you look at the image on a piece of paper that it is once again reflected light. It’s the end of the journey. That’s what making prints is all about.”

He continues: “Nine times out of 10, an image will look better on a piece of paper than it does on a monitor, which is difficult for people to digest in this modern, digital world but it’s the truth. That’s what we see at the print academy all the time. It’s like an epiphany.”

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